100 years in one day

This website is a guide for exploring the 100-year history of Latvia. Here you will find information on the most significant tourist attractions, museums and memorial sites in Riga where you will be able to learn important facts about Latvia’s history, from the foundation of the Latvian state to nowadays.


Combine a tour of the city with exploring history! We offer three guides with routes that can be taken by foot or by public transport. Choose the one that suits you best and go!

One day of Latvian history This is a route for those ready to devote the whole day to exploring the history of Latvia. It is advisable to walk at least part of the distance and to use public transport in some sections along Brīvības Street and Tram Line No. 1.
12 sights
Walk in the Old Town Walking through Riga Old Town can be combined with learning about Latvia’s history of the past 100 years. This guide includes information on sites of historic significance for Latvia that are located in Old Town or nearby.
10 sights
Latvian National Theater - Brethren Cemetery Tram Line No. 11 will take you from the city center to the picturesque suburb of Mežaparks. We recommend walking the first part of this route through Bastejkalns. Take the tram for the remaining part of the route and get off at "Brāļu kapi" (Brethren Cemetery) stop. From the tram stop, it is an approximately 10-minute walk to the cemetery.
11 sights