Memorial to Victims of Nazism in Rumbula

The Riga suburb of Rumbula also has a dark past, which was once one of the largest extermination centers of Jews in Europe during WWII. As the memorial ensemble has written on it, between November 30 and December 8, 1941, Nazis and their local collaborators killed over 25,000 Jews here.

It is impossible to miss the huge roadside metal memorial construction. Threatening, aggressive and prickly, which symbolizes the savagery of the Nazis. The path which took thousands of Jews to their deaths, takes the visitor to the central part of the memorial, where a metal monument depicting a traditional Jewish candlestick, or Menorah, has been placed in a square in the form of the Star of David. Stones with the names of those killed here have been placed around the memorial. This memorial, designed by architect Sergey Ryzh, was unveiled on November 29, 2002, and was constructed with funds from organizations in Latvia, Israel, the United States and Germany, as well as private donations.