Riga Central Market

For almost 90 years, the Riga Central Market has served as the heart of Riga – always full of life, always colorful and always busy. When the market was unveiled in 1930, it was not only the largest, but the most modern in Europe, and it still serves its original purpose to this day.

The market has also been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The buildings which currently serve as market pavilions were once hangars for Germany army zeppelins. The architecture of the central market features elements or Art Nouveau, as well as pre-war Neoclassicism influence. The market was constructed with central heating and electrical lighting, which was very progressive for the time. The basement of the pavilions serves as an underground city two hectares in space, with a 337 meter long passage. In 1938, 27 cold-storage chambers were able to hold up to 310,000 kilograms of goods. In 1961, the market’s store-rooms were able to hold up to 700 tons of food products.

Source: rct.lv

Interesting facts

Hemp-seed butter, marinated vegetables, rye bread, cottage cheese, homemade cheese, smoked meats and fresh fish, as well as local delicacies like smoked eel and lamprey in jelly, are just some of the traditional Latvian food products which can be found at the Riga Central Market. The market also features an exclusive fish restaurant called Siļķīte un Dillīte, with dishes prepared from fresh fish purchased right next door. Meanwhile, beer lovers must visit the Labietis and Ilgezeem for some tasty local beer and kvass. Between 80,000 to 100,000 persons visit the Riga Central Market each day.